World Day for Safety and Health at Work - 1 week on
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World Day for Safety and Health at Work - 1 week on

clock-circular-outline Posted 4 May 2023

In case you missed it, 28th April was World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Awareness days such as these can be helpful in placing important topics at front of mind – but what happens once that day ends? A week on, has your business made or planned any changes? Or is it back to business as usual – until next year?

About World Day for Safety and Health at Work

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual, international campaign from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to promote safe, healthy and decent work.

According to the ILO, every day worldwide 6,300 people die as a result of accidents at work, while work-related diseases account for a further 2.3 million deaths per year. There are some 317 million workplace accidents worldwide each year, many resulting in that person taking extended absence from work.

The financial cost of poor occupational health and safety practices is estimated at 4 per cent of global GDP (gross domestic product) each year.

Avoiding complacency

In the UK, the picture has been steadily improving for some time, with the number of workplace accidents and work-related deaths, injuries and illnesses reducing year on year.

However, we cannot afford to be complacent. Accidents can and do still happen. Near misses may cause a collective sigh of relief, but they are a warning sign that – next time – you may not be so fortunate.

Promoting safe, healthy and decent work isn’t something employers should do once a year, but represents an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in providing:

  • Appropriate workwear and PPE that keeps employees safe and comfortable at work
  • The tools and environment that encourage compliance with safety protocols and the wearing of that PPE
  • A supportive safety culture, led from the top, where safety is not just a priority but a company value
  • Education and engagement for employees in the importance of keeping themselves and others around them safe and healthy at work.

Promoting safe, healthy and decent work

At iSB Group, we offer a range of free and paid-for resources to help employers keep health and safety at front of mind, and their teams safe at work.

The PPE and workplace safety equipment we stock – from safety gloves, hi vis jackets and safety trainers, to defibrillators – adheres to the highest standards of protection, comfort and durability, for PPE that your employees actively want to wear and use.

Our software solutions provide employers with the tools to further encourage compliance by eliminating rogue spend and controlling individual allocations. And we provide advice and support for our clients in overcoming any barriers they face in establishing and maintaining a safe, happy and healthy workplace.

Some of our most recent free resources include:

12 ideas for creating a safe workplace
Tips to make workplace safety signage safer
Installing a defibrillator in your workplace
Fatigue management in shift work
Fire extinguisher inspection checklist
Using hi vis in risk management
Preventing repetitive strain injury
Why near miss reporting matters

More than anything, we strive to always be there for our clients in their efforts to create and sustain a safer workplace.

In the event there is a product or solution that is needed that we don’t already stock in our range, we will go out, do the research, and find the best product or solution to meet that need. We see this as a win-win solution, as our clients are happy, and we get a new product to add to our range and offer other customers facing the same problem.

Talk to us about your workplace safety concerns and let us help you overcome them. 

By Nick Grinnell

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