Garment branding: how to stand out

Garment branding: how to stand out

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As a business, you want to stand out. But you want to do so for the right reasons. Andrew Grinnell explores how bespoke workwear can boost your brand appeal…


Success in business is all about standing out: your products and services need to be the clear choice in a crowded marketplace, and you want your brand to be front-of-mind when prospective buyers come looking for what you offer.

If you’re not already exploring how your workwear could help with this, then you’re missing a trick.


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Workwear has moved on from the days of single coloured polo shirts with a company logo embroidered on the left breast. Don’t get us wrong – these still have their place, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different then it’s time to get creative.

But how do you make sure you’re standing out for the right reasons, and not the wrong ones?


Garment branding: Our guide to standing out

Our top tips for garment branding are:


  • Be inspired by your favourite brands;
  • Think big – don’t limit your ideas… but…
  • Consider practicality; and
  • Work with an expert.


Get inspired

When it comes to standing out, you only have to look around you for inspiration, and to see what works and what doesn’t.

But don’t just look to your competitors, or even to what others outside your industry are doing with their workwear.

Instead, look to the high street. Is there a fashion trend that you like? Are there new developments in sportswear technology that you would like to incorporate? What colours and features do you see that you like and remember?

Workwear has long been inspired by the high street, and by developments in sportwear technology – so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look to these areas for your inspiration.


Think big

At the early stage, don’t limit your ideas. There is no written rule that says that workwear has to look a certain way, so think outside the box. Don’t be afraid of change – you can revisit your workwear without needing a complete company rebrand.

Do you like the look of a high street branded hoodie? There is no reason why you can’t design something similar for your employees to wear.

Do you want a polo shirt with a different colour collar and sleeves? You can have whatever colour combination you want!*


*Theoretically. Our designers stress that they would work with you to ensure your chosen colour scheme complemented your branding and got you standing out for those right reasons we talked about...


Consider practicality

We always encourage clients to think big when it comes to their workwear branding, but – as with all workwear – the most important thing is that garments are comfortable, practical and safe.

That’s why it’s so important to…


Work with an expert

A good workwear design team will help you take your big ideas and shape them into eye-catching garment designs that are modern, comfortable, practical and stand out for all the right reasons.

They will help you to make choices based on the specific demands of your workplace, including about the kinds of fabric technologies you want to include, such as moisture wicking vs moisture absorption, embroidery vs print, and how you incorporate hi vis elements if needed.


They might also recommend you have slightly different uniform designs for employees working in different roles or business areas.


If you’re interested in working with iSB Group to design bespoke workwear for your team, you can give us a call on 0121 749 4433 or contact us here.



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