The benefits of branded workwear

The benefits of branded workwear

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For most of us, our first experience of wearing some kind of uniform will be our school uniform. Whether you were forced to wear a bigger size with the promise that ‘you will grow into it’, got all the ‘hand-me-downs’ from an older sibling, or rode the line of what was acceptable in the divide between school and ‘fashion’ wear, you’ll doubtless have formed some kind of opinion of the merits or otherwise of uniforms – probably a negative one.


But uniformity in the workplace need not follow this trend. Branded workwear can fit well, look good, and be comfortable to wear, so your employees actually like wearing it. What’s more, it can help your business to stand out for the right reasons.


Interested? Read on, as Nick Grinnell tells us how…


The benefits of branded workwear

 What comes to mind when you hear the phrase ‘branded workwear’? If you picture a basic polo shirt or sweatshirt with a logo printed or embroidered on the left breast, you’re probably in the majority. But workwear branding has moved with the times – and with this comes great opportunities for businesses with the vision and confidence to make a long-term investment in their people, culture and values.

 Research shows that businesses who provide their employees with branded workwear:

 Stand out from the competition;

  • Enhance their corporate values;
  • Make their staff proud to work for them; and
  • Give confidence to their customers.

Sounds good, right? Let’s find out more…


Benefits of branded workwear #1: Stand out from the competition

Are your competitors providing their employees with branded workwear? If not, then you have an opportunity to be the first to do something new and different that will get you noticed for reasons we’ll come onto in a moment. If they are, then you may want to stand out from the competition. Whichever it is, you have in your workwear an(other) opportunity to catch your customer’s eye and lodge your business in their memory.

 Want to go one step further? Talk to us about bespoke workwear and start your journey towards a completely unique look for your business.


Benefits of branded workwear #2: Enhance your corporate values

By asking your employees to wear branded workwear, you effectively make each person in your team an extension of your business’s brand, including its culture, vision, mission and values. They become walking, talking advocates for the way you go about doing business, and the things you believe in. There is nothing more powerful in marketing than individual human beings, telling their stories. If those human beings just happen to be telling your story through the way they look, act and speak, you’re on to a sure-fire winner.


Benefits of branded workwear #3: Make your staff proud to work for you

We’ve talked before many times about how investing in good quality workwear for your employees makes them feel valued, and how employees that feel valued work harder and smarter, improving your business’s profitability and efficiency. The same goes for branded workwear (as long as the quality remains!). By asking your people to wear company-branded clothes, you are putting your faith in them that they will represent your business to their very best. In addition, uniformity creates a team mentality where individuals recognise themselves as part of a collective working together to achieve something of value. In the same way that putting on your gym kit gets you in the mentality to exercise, the very act of putting on a work uniform can spark this feeling, and a sense of pride of being part of something bigger than yourself.


Benefits of branded workwear #4: Give confidence to your customers

When your employees wear some kind of uniform, even just the same coloured, branded logo or jacket, it makes them instantly recognisable. This means your customers know who they’re talking to, working with, or receiving a delivery from, which will put them at ease immediately. As we’ve already mentioned, an employee wearing your business branding is seen as representing your business’s values, which will give your customers confidence from the outset that they will receive the best possible service.


Find out more: Talk to us about your branded workwear requirements and let us work with you to design and deliver the perfect solution for your needs.




By Nick Grinnell

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