Take back control pt 3: Brand control

Take back control pt 3: Brand control

clock-circular-outline Posted 29 Oct 2021

Control. It’s a tricky word, laden as it is with nuances that lead it to be interpreted differently by different people, and in different contexts.

When we talk about organisations having control, we aren’t using the word ‘control’ in terms of wielding power or influence over people, a meaning that has come to be seen in the negative. Rather, we mean it in the sense of setting a course and supervising its direction.

In this blog, the third in our four-part series, we look at how iSB Group can help you to take back control of your brand.

What is brand control?

Brand control is:

  • Consistency: making sure your audience sees your company in the same way, wherever it is they’re looking
  • Definition: articulating and positioning your company, so that it says what you want it to
  • Trust: Creating something that people can believe in

In busy logistics operations, it’s easy to lose control of your brand, or perhaps give it less thought than you should. Logistics isn’t an industry that stops or takes a break - we keep going 24/7, 365 days a year, to keep the country moving. Demand from customers only grows, and peak periods become more intense, with every year that goes by. But that doesn’t make how customers experience your brand any less important or relevant.

Your employees as advocates

Whether they’re loading or unloading goods from trucks on the warehouse floor, or delivering parcels to people’s front doors, your employees are a large part of how people perceive your company, and the impression they make counts towards your brand reputation.

This isn’t just relevant in terms of how they act, but also how they present themselves physically.

Experience shows that providing employees with practical branded workwear contributes to making them feel valued, boosting their morale, productivity, and pride in their work.

It also improves how your company appears in the eyes of your customers (your brand identity), as consistency of appearance aids familiarity, which in turns boosts trust in your brand.

On top of this, you’ll want to make sure that your employees are equipped with the appropriate PPE, hand protection and footwear to do their job safely and comfortably. If employees are inadequately equipped, it will make a bad impression on your customers, and bad impressions ultimately lead to less business.

How can iSB help?

As businesses that regularly recruit temporary workers during peak seasons of demand, it can be particularly difficult for logistics operators to ensure that everyone on their books is properly attired and equipped. That’s where iSB can help.

Alongside our range of tried-and-tested products, we offer our clients access to our powerful online order management tool, Control-iT, which they can use to help and encourage their employees to be ‘on brand’ in what they wear and how they conduct themselves at work.

Essentially, the software provides an online catalogue of pre-approved products from our range that businesses can curate to best suit their needs. Employees can quickly and easily select and purchase products from the catalogue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location or device.

Three login levels empower managers with the flexibility to control spend on workwear, PPE and other safety-critical items within their department, ensuring everyone is operating within the agreed product range, quantity limits and budgets.

What’s more, the system allows individual depots to add new employees quickly and easily, with minimal process, so that new starters and temporary workers can be set up to make agreed purchases as quickly as possible.

A number of our clients allocate their employees points through the system, which they can use to purchase their own choice of branded workwear depending on their preference of clothing type.

However you choose to use it, Control-iT can help your business take back control of its brand, ensuring you make the right impression every time. To find out more, give us a call on 0121 749 4433, or you can email us.



By iSB Group

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