Jupiter Safety Trainers: Walking on air
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Jupiter Safety Trainers: Walking on air

clock-circular-outline Posted 10 Nov 2022


Imagine wearing safety trainers so comfortable that each step feels like walking on air. That’s what it’s like to wear the new Jupiter safety trainers from Exena’s latest Gravity-0 range, writes Andrew Grinnell.


Safety trainers that are out of this world

Introducing Jupiter, the safety trainers of the future.

Lightweight and infused with the latest in fabric technologies and ergonomic design, they form part of the new Gravity-0 range from safety footwear specialists Exena.

Manufactured at the company’s facilities in Europe, the entire Gravity-0 range features advanced Infinite Energy technologies and a host of other innovative design features aimed at maximising comfort and wearability.


iSB Group is one of only a handful of distributors in the UK able to offer the Gravity-0 range.


“Exena has really hit the mark with the Gravity-0 range. Without doubt, these are up there with some of the most comfortable safety trainers we offer.”

Nick Grinnell, iSB Group Director


Gravity Jupiter safety trainers: Key features

Available in sizes 2 (35) to 13 (48), Gravity Jupiter safety trainers are rated S3, meaning they are suitable for a wide variety of logistics roles.

Their biggest differentiator is their unique dual-density sole unit, in which Exena has sought to exploit the natural shock-absorbing properties of air. Air tunnels running across the width of the sole unit are equally distributed throughout the entire plantar arch, allowing for continuous air flow and so infinite energy return.

Unlike in other safety trainers, where this energy return or rebound comes from a man-made material insert inside the sole unit that will inevitably perish over time, Jupiter makes use of an unlimited, natural and indestructible element that is in abundance all around us all the time: air. According to Exena, this results in more than 60% more energy absorption and return than standard.


But that’s not the only innovation to be found in these innovative safety trainers.


Exena’s Stabilizer heel grip technology holds the wearer’s foot in place, allowing for better control in the event of sudden lateral movements as well as protecting against accidental impacts.

Meanwhile, a breathable, antibacterial, lightweight and soft polyurethane insole provides yet more energy return, thanks to an air bubble incorporated into the heel area.


Externally, Jupiter is made from ultra-resistant Tecno-Text textile fibre that offers a combination of lightweight breathability, water resistance, and excellent protection. The interior lining is breathable and resistant to tearing.

 Its ultra-light aluminium toecap is capable of resisting up to 200 joules and aims to be both comfortable and safe for the wearer.

Meanwhile, an Easy-Fit upper made from a soft, breathable elastic sock keeps out dust and other external agents, and removes the need for laces.


To find out more about the Gravity-0 range from Exena, or to trial the Jupiter safety trainers, get in touch with our team.

Andrew Grinnell By Andrew Grinnell

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