Why choose iSB Group for all your health and safety needs

Why choose iSB Group for all your health and safety needs

clock-circular-outline Posted 26 Nov 2021

When it comes to relationships, they say you can’t have it all. No one can be perfect; we all have our faults, our limitations, the things that we just can’t do or be, no matter how hard we try.

It’s easy to apply the same logic to sourcing suppliers for your business. Finding one company that can service all your needs in a particular area of your business may be the dream, but often those niggling doubts creep in about whether they might be too good to be true. Or worse, you commit to that company only to find out that they can’t quite live up to their promises.

So, is happily ever after something that only happens in fairy tales? Is the old cliché of a ‘one-stop-shop’ a fantasy? A myth? A legend?

Not at iSB.

A one-stop-shop… for a specialist industry

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ‘here we go, another company claiming to do things differently, when they’re probably just the same as all the rest’.

Well, we don’t just do things differently – we do them better.

How do we do this?

We don’t promise to stock every type of product that falls under workplace health, safety and wellbeing, or to have something that will suit all types of business. In short, we don’t promise what we can’t deliver.

We’re a specialist supplier to the logistics sector, and all the products we stock are tried, tested and reviewed by people working in the industry. We don’t offer huge ranges of similar products – we concentrate on what we know works for our sector.


A true partnership

They say you should never try to change your partner, but should accept them for who they are. We’ll admit the jury’s still out on that one for us, but we’re crystal clear on where we stand as a supplier to our customers: we believe we can and absolutely should be looking to change for the better.

Our mission is to raise the bar, so we don’t stand still. We are always looking for ways in which we can bring new innovations in technology, materials and sustainability to our clients, and for new additions that will enhance our product offering.

Our clients know they can come to us with a problem or a need and, if we can’t immediately recommend a product from our range to help, we’ll work hard to source or shape a solution that works.

That’s because we believe in the power of true partnerships to bring benefits on both sides. You get the product you need with the help of a supplier that’s experienced and specialist enough to sift through the options and recommend the best fit. In return, we get a new product to add to our range and enhance our offering to our other customers.

As with any good partnership, we believe in putting as much into our relationship as we get out, if not more.


If you’re looking for a supplier that can offer everything your logistics business needs to keep its workforce safe, healthy and happy, contact us today to find out more about how iSB Group could be your match made in heaven. Give us a call on 0121 749 4433 or you can email us.



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