Driving sustainability in logistics

Driving sustainability in logistics

clock-circular-outline Posted 19 Jul 2021

The logistics industry faces a challenge, but also a unique opportunity, to make a huge difference in this area. The nature of the job might mean that we need to be fast-paced, react quickly and move goods around the country, but that doesn’t mean we have to do so at the expense of the world around us. Indeed, logistics has always been at the forefront of innovation – it has had to be to keep pace with the digital revolution and the exponential growth of e-commerce as a result of shifting lifestyle trends exacerbated by a global pandemic.


So, rather than viewing sustainability as a challenge for our industry, we believe we should instead view it as the opportunity it is. In logistics, we have always risen to such challenges and grasped such opportunities – that’s part of what makes logistics such a great industry in which to work. So, why should this one be any different?


iSB Group: a company that cares

At iSB Group, we have always believe in doing things differently – in doing things better. We have always believed in longevity of products, striving to provide our customers with good quality, fit-for-purpose protective clothing, workplace equipment, PPE, and safety footwear that not only does the job but lasts. As a business, the throw-away culture is alien to us – it’s just not who we are.


As we look to the future – to a world beyond coronavirus – one of our focuses is on how we can improve our sustainability as a business, and on how we can help our clients to make their own strides forward in this area.


We have always championed innovation – new and different ways of doing things – and are constantly looking for new products that can drive improvements for our customers.


As part of this, we have recently added several new, sustainable products to our offering, including a range of workwear made from 100% recycled fabric. Other recent additions include EcoViz® from Leo Workwear – high-visibility workwear made from recycled plastic bottles and clothing – and the EVO Recycled® range of absorbent spill-control products, that are not only manufactured from 85% or more recycled material, but also come in packaging that is fully recyclable. What’s more, they are also more absorbent than standard products made from synthetic fibres.


Alongside these products, we are speaking to manufacturers about a number of other sustainable products which we hope to add to our range later this year, including a range of safety footwear with uppers made from recycled plastic bottles. We are also exploring how we as a business can support our customers with recycling our products at the end of their useful life.


“We’re really excited about the new sustainable ranges we’ve been able to bring to the iSB Group offering in the past few weeks. We’re committed to doing what we can to help our customers to make strides in this area and are looking forward to adding new sustainable innovations to our product ranges over the coming weeks and months. We see this as a positive step forward for our business – a step into the future and a step towards a better world for all of us.”

Nick Grinnell, General Manager


To find out more about our sustainable product ranges, including workwear made from 100% recycled fabric, EcoViz®, and EVO Recycled®, or to talk to us about how we can help you reduce waste and improve your sustainability credentials, give us a call on 0121 749 4433 or email sales@isb-uk.com.



By iSB Group

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