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Best Safety Gloves 2023

clock-circular-outline Posted 24 Jan 2023

Safety gloves have to be among the hardest-working items of PPE in the workplace. From providing protection against abrasions, chemicals and the elements, to improving grip and reducing strain on the hands, they are an essential part of the toolkit for most logistics and warehouse roles.

But with so much choice out there, which make and model of safety gloves should you choose?

Here’s our choice of the 10 best safety gloves for logistics and warehousing:

Top 10 best safety gloves

#1 Maxiflex Endurance Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best All Rounder
A dotted version of Maxiflex’s high-performing safety glove, these micro-foam nitrile coated gloves with a micro-cup finish offer controlled grip, impressive comfort and 360° breathability for the hands. Ergonomically designed to mimic the ‘hand at rest’ position, they actively reduce fatigue during wear, making them a great choice for those working in a wide variety of logistics roles. View gloves →

#2 Recycled Enviroflex Nitrile Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Sustainable Gloves
Manufactured using recycled PET yarn made from plastic bottles, these latex-free, high abrasion resistant gloves have a low carbon footprint, with the purchase of one pair equating to one 500ml plastic bottle being reclaimed and recycled. A durable microfoam palm coating provides excellent grip in dry, wet and oily conditions, while an 18-gauge featherweight liner engrained with an active moisture management system provides comfort, breathability and dexterity with a second skin sensation. Supplied in recycled and recyclable packaging, these gloves also come with touch screen compatibility in the thumb and first two fingers. View gloves →

#3 Carbon Neutral LXT Nitrile Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Sustainable Gloves
Certified carbon neutral, these high-performing 15gg cut A safety gloves come with a high tenacity nylon liner and a palm dipped coating that provides excellent grip in all conditions. Treated with life-extending technology for extra longevity and enhanced resistance to oil, dirt and water, and featuring a reinforced thumb crotch, these are an extremely durable, dexterous and breathable all-rounder that won’t hurt the environment. View gloves →

#4 Blue Dotted Polyester Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Budget Option
Made from comfortable, lightweight 13-gauge polyester with the addition of PVC dots for extra grip, these safety gloves are low linting, making them ideal for product handling. Their seamless design makes these a comfortable and practical option for those on a tight budget. View gloves →

#5 Maxiflex Ultimate Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Touch Screen Gloves
A non-dotted version of the Endurance glove above, these supremely comfortable gloves are also designed to reduce fatigue during wear. As with the Endurance, their patented micro-foam nitrile coating offers 360° breathability, while the micro-cup finish delivers controlled grip. View gloves →

#6 Maxitherm Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Thermal Gloves
These latex foam palm coated thermal handling gloves are guaranteed to keep hands comfortable and protected in cold and hot environments. Flat dipped to improve breathability and reduce perspiration, they come with an acrylic and polyester liner, as well as patented non-slip palms to improve grip in wet conditions. View gloves →

#7 Nitrile Foam Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Standard Option
Versatile and durable, and yet still lightweight and economical, these safety gloves provide consistent comfort for the hands, even during prolonged wear, thanks to a soft, flexible and breathable seamless polyester lining. Their non-porous nitrile foam coating also improves grip in wet and oily conditions and makes them hard-wearing. View gloves →

#8 Lined Truckers Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best For Truckers
Made from soft grain leather in a gun pattern design, and with half elastication to the back of the cuff, these fleece-lined gloves are ideal for truck drivers. View gloves →

#9 Maxiflex Active Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best For Hand Health
Designed to the same spec as Maxiflex’s Ultimate glove above, these safety gloves go one step further, delivering micro-encapsulated ingredients including aloe vera and vitamin E to soothe and cool the hands while you work. Great safety gloves that actively care for your hands – what’s not to like? View gloves →

#10 Kutlass Ultra Safety Gloves

Reason for choosing: Best Cut Resistant Gloves
The best cut resistant safety gloves depends on the specific hazards of an individual’s workplace and the requirements of their role, but these safety gloves are a great lightweight option that offers impressive comfort and dexterity. Their soft premium PU palm coating provides good grip in the dry and wet, while their proprietary four-yarn blended liner remains soft and comfortable even during extended wear. A reinforced thumb crotch provides added support in the weakest area of any safety glove, assuring the wearer of long-lasting protection. View gloves →


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By Nick Grinnell

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