We're ready for peak, are you?

We're ready for peak, are you?

clock-circular-outline Posted 4 Nov 2021

Is it just us, or do the weeks and months seem to pass by quicker towards the end of the year?

Supplying the logistics sector, we’re used to being busy pretty much 365 days a year, but the period from October to December always takes ‘busy’ to the next level.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday not far off, and Christmas and the January sales following close behind, we’ve spent the past few weeks gearing up to be busier than ever, as our clients - especially those in 3PL, fulfilment and parcel delivery - themselves prepare to meet increased demand from their customers.


Preparing for peak

Preparing for peak, for us, requires a few different areas of activity.

Thinking about the likelihood of increased demand from customers for our products, we first ensure that our stock levels are where they should be, and increase supplies of our most popular items to ensure we can cater for any increase in demand without falling short of the high levels of service our customers expect from us.

Bearing in mind that the next few weeks will see the nights drawing in and the weather getting colder, we’ve also stocked up on those products that we know will allow employers to keep their employees protected against the cold and reduce the likelihood of them slipping on snow or ice.

Finally, remembering that our mission is to be more than just a supplier of safety workwear and PPE, we make sure we’re making use of all our communications channels to remind employers of the hazards the winter season brings and offer advice on how to stay safe in the cold weather, be seen after dark, and reduce slips and trips in the workplace.

Operating at peak capacity

In order to maintain performance during the busiest of times, it’s important that businesses get themselves in peak fitness in advance.

We’ve talked before about the importance of planning ahead for known periods of increased demand, and we know our customers have been busy like us recently, bringing in extra stock and recruiting more staff to fulfil orders over the coming months.

Our challenge to you is - have you considered the impact of peak season on your safety workwear and PPE requirements?

A few questions to ask yourself might be:

  • Are all your employees equipped with the right workwear and footwear to keep them warm, safe and comfortable during the winter? Often, people make the mistake of believing that safety footwear, for example, is the same all year round. While there are some products that will work in certain environments year-round, most people will benefit from having a lighter weight, breathable shoe in summer and a waterproof thermal boot, or trainer, with extra slip resistance in winter. Similarly, when it comes to staying warm in cold environments and avoiding overheating, it’s important to provide the appropriate clothing to allow for layering. If you don’t have all the products you need already available to your employees, you’ll need to start speaking to a trusted supplier as soon as possible to ensure you have everything ready in time for the start of the peak season.
  • If you already have an employee self-service arrangement in place for workwear, PPE and other safety critical items, have you made sure to increase stocks of those items that will be needed to kit out temporary workers as well as cater for your permanent employees as the season changes? If you don’t have such a system in place, could setting one up make life easier during this busy time?

Partnering with iSB for peak performance

At iSB Group, we work with our customers to help them plan for peaks in demand, making sure they have access to the right products for their needs, in the quantities required, at the right time.


To speak to us about how we could help your business get in peak shape, give us a call on 0121 749 4433, or you can email us.



By iSB Group

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