The Smart Approach To Safety Gloves

The Smart Approach To Safety Gloves

clock-circular-outline Posted 10 Mar 2017

Your hands are one of your most important assets and this should always be kept in mind when selecting the gloves to be used by your workforce. Prices are rising and competition is high so businesses are often looking for cheaper products to show immediate savings. What is often missed is the all-important feature – quality.

By improving the hand protection section used at your business, you can actually make a positive effect on your bottom line.  A better-quality product will reduce hand injuries cutting out potentially huge associated costs. When evaluating hand protection options, it’s easy to assume that cheaper options will provide a positive impact in terms of money spent, however, this is misleading.  It is in fact a delicate balance between quality hand protection that ensures your workers safety versus the cost of cheap hand protection.  We’ve researched and below shown how the right choice can be made.


The best protection

Safety Gloves like all PPE is the last line of defence for your workforce. This line should never be breached and correct safety standards should be maintained at all times, this means all PPE should prove suitable and hold up for employees when hazards become reality.

With Safety Gloves, up to 80% of the product cost is down to the materials used, so you do get what you pay for!  When it comes to providing the last line of defence for your workforce, cutting corners shouldn’t be an option.  The repercussions from an accident will be far more expensive.

If reducing spend is your goal, investing in better hand protection will help you achieve this by, reducing injury downtime, increasing productivity and maximising operational efficiencies.


Quality does matter

Cheaper Safety Gloves is manufactured using cheaper materials and cheaper methods.  Cheaper materials never offer the protection that higher quality materials do and it wears out quicker.  Therefore, you may be saving money on the cost per pair with the cheaper option but in the long run you spend will increase due to the increased usage.


The hidden costs

High-quality PPE not only offers increased protection but also lasts longer than inexpensive options.  Still in doubt? Just compare the average cost of employee downtime and medical costs with the savings achieved by a cheaper short-tern solution. We have all heard stories of a short-term fix causing more problems and increasing costs. It isn’t only medical costs that make injuries a huge expense, but also the indirect costs in from lost productivity and staff replacement, not to mention the massive potential cost of worker’s compensation claims on preventable injuries.


So, when you are assessing the PPE used on in your business, be wary of the pitfalls that cheaper PPE can lure you into.

Contact iSB Group to get a true cost evaluation and ‘Raise the bar of corporate well-being’ within your business.

By iSB Group

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