The Essential Next Step Towards Better Staff Engagement

The Essential Next Step Towards Better Staff Engagement

clock-circular-outline Posted 27 Jan 2017

The efforts you can make to improve comfort largely depends on your unique work environment. There are lots of considerations and tailoring the right solution which best fits, is something we at iSB Group take pride in. Safety must always come first.


Here are a few key areas to consider when trying to improve staff engagement in your workplace:

  • Facility design: There may be elements of your work area you cannot change, but changes don’t have to be huge. Simple additions like painting the walls a new colour or adding new furniture or plants can spark fresh creativity and improve well-being. Try to introduce bright and cheerful colours that compliment your corporate identity.
  • Furnishing: Whether employees work while sitting or standing, make sure they have appropriate seating (if applicable) and desks and workstations are the appropriate height. Consider making provision for Agile working zones if possible to avoid sedentary working.
  • Temperature: Are your employees working in a temperature controlled environment? Is it necessary to keep it consistently cold or warm? Make sure your employees wear suitable clothing that works well in their surroundings.
  • Lighting: Modern LED lighting can be very beneficial in creating a bright, clear ambience whilst also reducing electricity costs – and extra benefit!
  • Footwear: What footwear do your employees wear at work? Safety and comfort are paramount. If a worker’s safety shoes are uncomfortable, they might be less inclined to wear them. Review your safety footwear offering, with due consideration to the right design and fit your workforce will be happier, leading to greater productivity.
  • Safety Gloves: Very similar needs and consequences to safety footwear. With ill-fitting gloves, workers may not be able to grip or pick items up easily, leading to frustration and reduced engagement. Gloves may cause hands to sweat, again leading to discomfort. Both concerns are easily addressed with the correct products for the job.


It’s quite simple…

Comfort and protection can sometimes conflict, with attention to safety often outweighing the comfort needs of staff. Advice from experts can help to bring these elements together to improve your workplace safety and also improve staff well-being. Whilst you may not be able to change some facets of the work environment, improving comfort in your footwear and hand protection offerings are both normally very achievable. Consider networking with experts who understand your industry and have experience addressing specific challenges for improving comfort for increased employee engagement.

iSB Group have been working with many different industries for over 40 years, we build bespoke solutions that have a definite focus on ‘Raising the bar of corporate well-being’ within your company.

By iSB Group

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