The best safety gloves for warehouse work: Tried and tested

The best safety gloves for warehouse work: Tried and tested

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Have you ever put on a pair of safety gloves to protect your hands while carrying out a task, only to ditch them a few minutes later when you find they’re not allowing you the grip or dexterity you need? If you have, then you’ll know that not all safety gloves are made equal.


Poor quality gloves may not even last a day, compared to the best-performing safety gloves on the market which can last more than a month if properly cared for, reducing waste and decreasing downtime. Poor quality gloves may also pose a hazard in themselves if they don’t conform to safety standards, fit properly, or allow the wearer to carry out the tasks required.


But, how do you know which safety gloves to choose? Clive Grinnell investigates…


Choosing the right safety gloves: a checklist


Before purchasing safety gloves, as with any workwear or PPE, its important to consider how they will be worn and used, to ensure you choose the right product for the task.


Some questions to ask are:


  • What type of materials are you working with? Do you only work with cardboard packages, or do you need to handle wooden crates, pallets or other abrasive objects? For roles handling a variety of materials, you’re better off buying stronger gloves that will withstand everything. Do you handle anything wet or oily? In these instances, you will want to look for gloves with a dipped palm to protect your skin from these substances.
  • How much grip do you need? Unloading items from pallets, for example, will require much higher grip than that required to pack polythene bags of clothing into boxes.
  • How much dexterity do you require? Are you handling small items, or working with computers that require you to be able to press small buttons?
  • Do you need touch-screen capability? Advances in fabric technology allow many types of safety gloves to be made compatible with touch screens, without any loss of functionality.
  • What is the temperature of your work environment? Some types of gloves may not be best for warmer environments, as they can be itchy. For warehouses where regulating temperature can be difficult, consider if you need different gloves for the summer and winter months. Thermal gloves are a must for working in cold environments.
  • How many items do you need to handle per shift? If you will be handling lots of items, you may want to consider gloves that have reinforcement in the thumb crotch, to reduce the risk of the stitching failing in that area.


Regardless of the glove specification you choose, it’s also important to choose the right size. Ill-fitting safety gloves can rub, causing discomfort, or pose a safety hazard in themselves by catching in machinery or reducing grip and dexterity.


Find out more about common problems with safety gloves in warehousing and how to avoid them.

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The best safety gloves for warehouses


At iSB Group, we only supply workwear and PPE that has been tried, tested and approved by people working on the frontline in the logistics industry.


Here is our pick of the best safety gloves for warehouse work, as endorsed by our customers.


BEST ALL-ROUNDER Maxiflex Endurance Safety Gloves

As its name suggests, this glove is designed to be long-lasting. In fact, with proper care, under normal usage, a pair of these should last at least a month. Made from breathable micro-foam and ergonomically designed, this offers the wearer optimum comfort and grip.


BEST TOUCH-SCREEN GLOVEMaxiflex Ultimate Safety Gloves

Part of the same ATG range as the Endurance glove above, this is another excellent all-rounder. Similar to the Endurance, it offers good grip and dexterity but this one has no dots for extra grip. The Ultimate is compatible with touch-screen devices.




Recycled EnviroFlex Nitrile Safety Gloves

Made using recycled plastic bottles taken from the ocean and landfill, the EnviroFlex is a high-performing, durable and comfortable glove that allows for high levels of dexterity and comes with touch-screen capabilities, making it a viable choice for businesses looking to improve their sustainability credentials.


Carbon Neutral LXT Nitrile Safety Gloves

From a certified carbon neutral range, this glove offers brilliant grip, and a high level of dexterity. It is made with patented life-extending technology guaranteeing a longer lasting product and enhanced resistance to dirt and staining.


BEST BASIC OPTIONBlue Dotted Polyester Safety Gloves

These dotted gloves offer good grip and are a quality choice for people in roles requiring light handling, such as those packing small, lightweight items into bags and boxes. We would choose them in blue to keep them looking smart for longer, but you can also buy the standard version.


BEST FOR TRUCKERS Lined Truckers Glove

These thermal gloves are ideal for unloading curtain side trucks and for other heavy-duty applications. Made from soft grain leather with a fleece lining and half elastication at the cuff, they offer comfort and protection for hard-working hands.



An excellent all-rounder with the added bonus that it will keep hands safe and comfortable in both hot and cold environments. This glove allows for great dexterity of movement while also offering good grip thanks to its non-slip palm coating.


Learn more: Book a glove audit for your business.


By Clive Grinnell

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