Take back control pt 2: Compliance

Take back control pt 2: Compliance

clock-circular-outline Posted 22 Oct 2021

In part two of our latest, four-part blog series, we look at compliance - what it is, how to encourage it and where the risks lie for busy logistics operators.

In a sector like ours, there are always time pressures. Under pressure to deliver for customers, it can be easy to lose track of internal processes and procedures, with the inevitable risk that brings in terms of non-adherence to safety and other essential workplace requirements.

At iSB Group, we want to help you take back control for operations that are 100% compliant, no matter how busy you get.


What is compliance?

In its simplest form, compliance means following the rules. In practice, it can take many forms, but workplace health and safety is one area where it is particularly relevant.

An example of compliance in this area would be having clear safety protocols in place and ensuring employees have access to appropriate safety footwear, PPE and site safety equipment to enable them to carry out their roles without coming to any harm.

What are the risks of non-compliance?

Depending on the subject area, the consequences of non-compliance can range from business disruption, eroded trust or a damaged reputation, to fines and other financial penalties, or even legal action.

When it comes to health and safety, the worst case scenario has to be that someone is seriously injured or even killed as a result of rules and regulations not being followed.

How can you encourage compliance with health and safety regulations?

We’ve blogged before about how employers can make their workplaces safer, and engage their employees with the importance of their own safety and that of others around them.

But, if the worst did happen and someone got hurt at your workplace, could you prove that you had done everything you could to keep them safe?

At iSB, we have an online order management tool, Control-iT, which can help businesses to do just that.

Through Control-iT, we provide logistics operators with a branded web portal hosting a bespoke catalogue of pre-approved products specific to their business requirements. Employees are empowered to manage their own supply of workwear, PPE and safety equipment, within the parameters set by their employer governing the specification and quantity of products they can order, and the frequency with which they can order those items. The risk of employees wearing or using non-conforming items is then significant reduced.

What’s more, full back-end reporting within the system allowing administrators to see who has ordered what and when, gives employers a complete, easy-to-access record of what safety workwear and equipment has been provided to particular individuals or depots. Should it ever be needed, these records would show that the correct items were available to individuals and teams to ensure compliance, adding extra weight of evidence to the Health & Safety Executive, alongside your safety protocols and staff engagement initiatives, that you as an employer did everything you could to avoid an accident happening.


To find out more about how Control-iT could help your business to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements, give us a call on 0121 749 4433, or you can email us.



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