Sustainable safety footwear for the logistics industry

Sustainable safety footwear for the logistics industry

clock-circular-outline Posted 29 Sep 2022


Is it possible to purchase high quality safety trainers that also have good sustainability credentials? Andrew Grinnell explains how forward-thinking manufacturers are providing the logistics industry with safety footwear that has it all…


Now, more than ever before, it is incumbent on us all to do our bit to help save our planet.


We can no longer claim ignorance of climate change, nor ignore the stark reality of the future if we fail to take immediate, urgent action to reverse the damage we’ve caused to the Earth over subsequent generations.


For businesses, advancing sustainability has increased steadily in importance over the past decade, to the point where it is now an imperative, requested by customers, desired by employees, and required by supply chain partners.


Sustainable workwear and PPE

Switching to sustainable workwear and PPE may not be top of every company’s sustainability agenda, but it could make a huge positive impact for your business.

More environmentally-friendly options are out there, ready to be chosen by those willing to do so.


Take safety footwear for example…


Sustainable safety footwear for the logistics industry

At iSB Group, we’re proud to be a stockist of U-Power’s Red Industry Green range of safety trainers. The first safety trainers in the world to be certified carbon neutral, the entire range is manufactured using recycled materials and compounds originating from renewable sources, while the carbon dioxide emitted during production is offset under a United Nations-recognised initiative supporting sustainability and environmental protection projects around the world.

One such project, the Xe Namnoy 2 Hydropower plant in Laos, southeast Asia, has resulted in jobs and training opportunities for local people, improved the water supply for more than 1,000 residents, saved 46,000tCO2e per year, and sends 83,000Mwh of clean electricity to the grid each year.


Find out more about the world’s first carbon neutral safety trainers.


All the safety footwear products we offer at iSB Group have been trialled and approved for use in the logistics industry by people that work in it.

The Red Industry Green range is no exception, and those who have tried these safety trainers report fantastic comfort and performance, with no loss of durability.


Products in the range include:



Available in black and green, these safety trainers come with a self-modelling, anti-fatigue insole. The sole is made from a soft, malleable compound which absorbs shocks and relieves stress on the body, while its arch structure encourages even weight distribution.



Also available in black, these safety boots come with a breathable upper and lining, and the same anti-fatigue insole as the range’s safety trainer.


“During our time in business, we’ve seen great strides in the provision of sustainable workwear and PPE. Previously, in the same way that you had to choose between safety and comfort, businesses wanting a more environmentally friendly option had to sacrifice something else – usually durability – in the process. Now, with manufacturers like U-Power really pushing the envelope in terms of what is possible with advances in materials science and through their commitment to sustainability, this is no longer a trade-off that businesses need to make. You can have super strong, durable safety shoes that are comfortable to wear, look good, and help to save the planet. You can have it all.” – Nick Grinnell, iSB Group


To find out more about sustainable workwear and PPE, or to order sample products for trial, give us a call or send us a message.



Andrew Grinnell By Andrew Grinnell

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