The best safety boots for winter warehouse work

The best safety boots for winter warehouse work

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The weather is getting colder, and the nights are drawing in. For warehouse workers, it’s time to get out the thermals and switch to warmer workwear and safety footwear. But which are the best safety trainers and boots for winter warehouse work? Mark Fishwick offers his top picks…


Choosing winter safety footwear

When it comes to choosing winter safety footwear, the principles are the same as those that apply when choosing safety footwear at any other time of the year – it’s important to consider the type of work that will be performed by the wearer, and the environmental conditions in which they will be working.

Water resistant footwear will withstand rain and stepping in the odd puddle, but those working outside all day will want to choose fully waterproof options to ensure their feet are always warm and dry, whatever the weather.

And while safety trainers will be sufficient for warehouse workers, low-cut safety boots will offer better ankle protection for delivery drivers jumping in and out of vans all day, without any loss of foot flexibility that may affect driving performance.


Our tip: If your feet are cold inside your safety trainers or boots, invest in a pair of thermal socks. This will be much more comfortable than wearing a bulkier boot.


The best safety footwear for winter warehouse work

All the safety footwear we stock at iSB Group has been trialled, tested, reviewed and approved by people working in logistics. We only recommend safety trainers, boots and shoes that we know will protect against workplace hazards and be comfortable for the wearer.


Our pick of the best safety footwear for winter warehouse work is:


BEST WATERPROOF SAFETY TRAINERSExena Sibilla Waterproof Safety Trainers

These lightweight safety trainers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear, as well as those working between the two. With a micro-nubuck and water-resistant textile upper, a Thinsulate and breathable heat-sealed membrane, and an anti-slip PU sole, they will keep feet warm and dry in cold, wet weather, and reduce the risk of slipping on snow and ice.


BEST WATERPROOF SAFETY BOOTSShield Waterproof Safety Boots

These lightweight safety boots are equipped with a water resistant, full leather upper, a bellows tongue, and a waterproof membrane, ensuring protection for the feet against the elements with no loss of flexibility.



Made from water-resistant full grain leather with a waterproof lining, padded bellows tongue and PU-coated microfibre overcap, these safety boots are ideal for people working outside in all weathers. They come with a reinforced heel for better foot stability and a deep cleated sole pattern, offering better slip resistance on wet or icy ground, and more grip on uneven surfaces.


BEST WATER-RESISTANT SAFETY FOOTWEARMTS Curtis Leisure Safety Shoes / Exena Kei Safety Trainers / MTS Vickers Leisure Safety Boots

These water-resistant options are lightweight, comfortable and will keep feet dry from rain, light splashing and stepping in the occasional (small!) puddle.


Winter safety footwear: top tips

Choosing the right safety footwear for your needs is only one part of the equation. For safety footwear to remain comfortable and to perform as it should, it’s important to take good care of it.

Wet waterproof footwear should be wiped dry at the end of the day and stored somewhere warm and dry when it’s not being worn.

If water resistant footwear becomes wet, it should be dried out as soon as possible – but without artificial heat as this can damage the fabric. Instead of putting shoes on a radiator or near to another heat source, wipe the outside with a towel and place rolled up newspaper inside, then store them somewhere warm and dry overnight. In most cases, they will be dry by morning.

By Mark Fishwick

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