The best safety footwear for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

The best safety footwear for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

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Being on your feet all day can be tough on your body. Whether you’re standing still processing returns or working on an assembly line, or backwards and forwards around the warehouse picking and packing goods for despatch, comfortable shoes are a must to protect against injury and strain. Andrew Grinnell explains how the right safety footwear can protect against musculoskeletal disorders, and offers his pick of the best safety trainers from the current iSB Group range.


We talk a lot about musculoskeletal disorders but, incredibly, it seems many people still believe that aches and pains caused by being on their feet all day is a given. Not only is that not true, it risks being very damaging indeed, to employees and their employers alike.


Is it normal to experience pain and discomfort after being on your feet all day?


No, it isn’t! In fact, this is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.


Musculoskeletal disorders can affect anyone at any time, but wearing the right safety shoes can dramatically reduce the risk of developing one in those that are required to be on their feet all day.


What is a musculoskeletal disorder?


A particular risk in logistics, warehousing and production line work due to the physical demands of on the body, a musculoskeletal disorder is any injury or pain in the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons or structures that support the neck, back, shoulders, arms, legs, hands and feet.


Caused by poor posture, sudden physical exertion, repetitive motions or repeated exposure to force or vibration, musculoskeletal disorders can be costly for a business, leading to lost productivity and the potential for legal claims where it can be proven that appropriate protective measures were not taken.


How can the right footwear protect the wearer against developing a musculoskeletal disorder?


We are not medical professionals, and we would advise anyone experiencing persistent pain at work to consult their GP. But we do know that wearing the right footwear is one element of the equation that can help to protect your employees against developing MSDs.


Good footwear supports the entire foot, ankle and lower limbs, helping your employees to keep a healthy posture and providing a solid grounding for the body in its daily movements.


Invest in high quality materials, superior cushioning technology and innovative design for enhanced support that endures over time. Those walking around all day will need rebound technology in the sole unit to absorb some of the energy from hard floors and prevent jarring, while those standing for long periods of time will want more cushioning in the sole unit for better comfort.


Look out for breathable linings and other temperature control systems, as well as features to reduce friction that can cause blisters and soft tissue injuries.


The best safety trainers to protect against musculoskeletal disorders


At iSB Group, all our safety footwear is tried, tested and approved by people working in the logistics industry, meaning we only recommend products that offer the very best protection, comfort and longevity.


Here are our recommendations for the best safety trainers to protect against developing a musculoskeletal disorder:


Curtis Leisure Safety Shoe

Combining high comfort with fantastic durability, this high-performing safety trainer is a great all-round option.


U-Power Island Safety Trainers

From a certified carbon neutral range, this environmentally-friendly safety shoe has patented antifatigue technology in its soft, expanded foam insole, meaning it will never condense with time.


Marlin Putek Safety Trainer

Lightweight and comfortable, with a breathable lining, this safety trainer comes with a flexible foam insole with patented antifatigue technology, and extra heel support for enhanced protection and comfort.


Raptor Putek Safety Trainer

As with the Marlin above, this safety trainer is lightweight and breathable with enhanced comfort coming from an innovative, energy-absorbing sole unit and flexible, expanded PU insole.


Find out more: Read our guide to protecting your workforce from musculoskeletal disorders.

Manage your risk: Access free resources from the HSE.


Need more help to determine the best safety footwear for your business? Our team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and you can also access further guidance on our website on what to look out for when purchasing safety footwear.

Andrew Grinnell By Andrew Grinnell

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