Prepare for the peak: Reduce product damages with smart cutting tools

Prepare for the peak: Reduce product damages with smart cutting tools

clock-circular-outline Posted 21 Sep 2021

Whatever goods you’re handling, the last thing you want is them being accidentally damaged by your workers while they’re preparing them for dispatch or returns.


With the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming large on the horizon, and Christmas not far beyond that, there is no better time to get a handle (literally!) on what you can do to reduce avoidable product damages, and save money and reputation at the same time. Too many lost products during their busiest sales period is unlikely to be appreciated by clients, and you may not be given a second chance to do things better another time.

But peak season for retailers translates into peak season also for 3PLs and fulfilment centres. In a busy, high-stress environment, it is easy for accidents to happen. Teams supplemented by temporary workers may pay the price for their relative inexperience, while longer hours and a requirement to do more in less time may lead to repetitive actions like cutting open boxes and bags being rushed, resulting in damage to the contents inside.


Reduce product damages

At iSB, we are big advocates of Slice® knives – for good reason. The company’s smart cutting tools not only make it easier and safer to cut open boxes and packages, but they also dramatically reduce the likelihood of internal contents being damaged along the way.


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Benefits of Slice®

Slice® cutting tools all have finger-friendly® ceramic blades which cut materials with ease but are safe to the touch. Their innovative design means they stay sharp longer, with independent tests showing they remain usable around 11 times longer than traditional metal blades.

What’s more, their handles are ergonomically-designed for ambidextrous use, meaning both right-handed and left-handed people can use them comfortably for long periods of time, without suffering from hand or wrist strain.

Where they really make the difference for busy 3PLs and fulfilment centres, though, is in how they can be configured to reduce blade exposure, thereby reducing the risk of damaging delicate or high-value products while opening packages and boxes.

Options for auto-retracting tools where the blade is only exposed during active use, or ‘smart-retracting’ tools where it is engaged only whilst it is in contact with the material being cut, are a good place to start, and also dramatically reduce the risk of accidental injuries caused by exposed blades during handling or in the event of tools being left lying around.

Slice® utility knives and box cutters are also available with the option to limit the blade depth so that, for example, it is sufficient to cut through both single and double walled corrugated cardboard, but is not enough to pose a risk to the contents inside the box.

In any case, Slice® blades are designed to cut only as a result of deliberately-applied pressure, meaning that, should a blade make contact with products, it will not cut or damage them without the user’s intent to do so.

With consumer demand at an all-time-high, not just for e-commerce sales in general, but for same or next-day delivery as standard, it’s not difficult to see why it is important that 3PLs and fulfilment centres take all the steps they can to eliminate product damages during their handling of goods. Clients not only expect zero damages but, financially - reputationally - they need them to fulfil customer expectations for fast, free delivery.

Something as simple as swapping cutting tool supplier is a quick, easy win that will pay for itself many times over with the peace of mind of knowing both you and your clients are protected against the risk of avoidable product damages.

At iSB Group, we strive to provide our customers with the safest possible tools for the workplace. That’s why we are a UK distributor for Slice® products; we strongly believe in their quality, effectiveness and potential to significantly reduce – and in many cases eliminate entirely – workplace hand injuries. For more information on the range of Slice® tools we offer, or how we service the 3PL, Fulfilment and other Logistics sectors, call us on +44 (0) 121 749 4433 or email


Download our latest eBook, At The Cutting Edge which focuses on this fantastic product range.

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