Mini tools: why bigger isn’t always better

Mini tools: why bigger isn’t always better

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This is the case with the Slice® mini box cutter. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but featuring the same blade as the company’s standard-size box cutters, it is capable of cutting through exactly the same materials as its bigger sibling. It’s just easier to carry and store.

At iSB Group, we strive to provide our customers with the safest possible tools for the workplace. That’s why we are a UK distributor for Slice® products; we strongly believe in their quality, effectiveness and potential to significantly reduce – and in many cases eliminate entirely – workplace hand injuries.

About the Slice® mini box cutter

As already mentioned, the Slice® mini box cutter is effectively the same as a standard-size box cutter, but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and be easily carried or stored.

Its size makes it more manoeuvrable than its larger counterparts, which is useful for reaching into places bigger tools can’t. Users can put it in their pocket or use the lanyard hole to hang it around their neck or attach it to a belt. The tool also contains a magnet that allows it to be attached to a metallic surface for storage and safe-keeping.

As with all Slice® tools, the mini box cutter features an advanced ceramic blade, made from 100% zirconium oxide. The blade is designed to have an edge that is safe to the touch, but effective enough for typical office and warehouse cutting needs. The tool’s blade exposure is sufficient to cut through both single and double walled corrugated cardboard but is not enough to pose a risk to the contents inside the box.

The handle of the Slice® mini box cutter is made of durable ABS plastic and the slider button that engages the blade is rubberised to ensure an easy grip. An auto-retraction feature ensures the blade safely retreats into the handle when the user releases the slider button, including if the tool is dropped.

This video shows the Slice® mini box cutter in action.

Customers say:

“I bought mine from work, Interline/Home Depot. I use it daily, 10-12 hour shifts, five to six shifts per week and have had it for approximately four months. I have changed the blade twice so far. No issues cutting through tape, plastic wrap, cardboard boxes or packaging straps (non-metallic of course). It cuts very well.”

“Durable, easy to use, and safe… Excellent for opening boxes. Wouldn’t go to work without it!”

“Awesome. How great is it when you buy a product and it is great quality and does exactly what it is supposed to? I open a few boxes a week for work and too many from Amazon for myself. This ceramic cutter works perfectly every time. I highly recommend.”

“This cutter is wonderful. The blade comes out with an easy forward press of the button. It protrudes out of the case at a reasonable but not problematic length. The blade is small, allowing the user to cut into tight spaces. Protecting myself and the contents of my packages are very important and this accomplishes the task well. It has the capability to easily cut the packaging tape up to a heavier duct tape with ease. The size of the entire cutter is small enough to fit in my hand yet large enough not to be easily misplaced.”

“Buy this ceramic pocket cutter to open packages, blister packs, etc. and you will wonder how you lived without it. Whenever I get a package… this pocket cutter slices through it easily and neatly… I’ve used this to cut through extremely sharp blister packs, padded envelopes, plastic ties, and lots of other things. I like the retractable blade because it extends when you need to cut and then gets out of the way, which is really cool and really safe for whatever it is that you are cutting… Previously, I was using a mini Swiss Army Knife and it did a pretty good job but, for the uses I listed above, the pocket cutter is a much better choice. If someone were to permanently borrow this, I can see it ruining my day. The cutter actually feels like an extension of my hand, and it is so much safer to use than a box cutter.”

Slice®: providers of the safest cutting tools around

Thanks to their advanced ceramic blades, Slice® products offer a safer cutting experience, which is why they are used by more than half of the companies listed on the Fortune 1000. Evidence from companies that switch to Slice® shows all have successfully reduced – and many have eliminated entirely – laceration incidents in the workplace.

Slice® blades are safe to use across a wide range of industries thanks to their safer cutting edge, as well as to the fact that they don’t rust, and are chemically-inert, non-magnetic, non-contaminating, non-conductive and non-sparking.

By iSB Group

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