Make Your Corporate Values Visible by Using Branded Corporate Clothing

Make Your Corporate Values Visible by Using Branded Corporate Clothing

clock-circular-outline Posted 17 Apr 2018

Aesthetics should become a centre of importance for any brand, and this includes warehouses and large logistics firms. Giving a distinctive branding aesthetic to your company helps in brand recognition. At iSB Group, we can help you highlight the uniqueness of your brand. Your brand can stand out in a competitive industry with corporate clothing.


Finding Your Identity

You may not think you can find a unique identity for your logistics warehouse, but it’s more than possible with branded clothing. Polo shirts are especially good for the warehouse industry because of their design.

Many of them are short-sleeved, allowing more freedom of movement and keeping your workers comfortable when working in warm conditions. Warehouses can sometimes become challenging to work in during summer months, making a choosing the right garments even more important.

Finding the right type of polo shirt for your branded clothing is very important. It can help you form a brand identity that makes your employees instantly recognisable.


What Kind of Polo Shirt Would Work Best?

There are various polo shirts options available.  Getting the right one for your needs is very important, not only so your brand is displayed correctly but so your employees are comfortable at work.

Our Silverstone polo shirt is one made up of 50% polyester and 50% cotton. It also has open sleeves, contrast side panels, white piping, and triple stitching for added strength.

Best of all, the customisation available on polo shirts is vast, meaning your brand can be displayed as uniquely as it should be.


Customising Your Branded Clothing

You’ll be able to find a lot of other items in our polo shirt line. All are available in a range of colours and can be customised to suit you.

Don’t underestimate the importance of colour in branding. It’s one of the most important aspects to recognition and in creating specific moods.

The same goes with logos. We’ll add any logo you need and place it where it’ll have the most impact on your target audience. With all this extra branding in place, your employees are advertising your company wherever they go!


Changing Colours to Reflect Different Departments

You can expand even further on your branded clothing choices. Our company never imposes limitations on what you can do with the clothing we offer!

You may find it would help to have different colours or logos representing teams or departments in your workplace.  Keeping teams identifiable is a huge help to managers and other team members.  It also increases the team spirit, employees will feel more dedicated and part of the overall success of their team.


Contact us at iSB Group so we can provide the branded clothing you need to make your logistics warehouse a brand standout for years ahead.

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