How to prepare for peak and have no supply chain issues

How to prepare for peak and have no supply chain issues

clock-circular-outline Posted 27 Sep 2022


You are getting ready for peak, and you want to make sure you have everything you need to fulfil demand, keep your team happy and healthy, and ensure warehouse safety. Nick Grinnell offers his tips for peak success…


Peak season is fast approaching for the logistics sector. The likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas loom large on the horizon. As online sales surge, and stores increase their stock in anticipation of greater footfall, warehouse managers, 3PLs and delivery companies are starting to think about how they will manage a surge in demand for their services.


The most organised will also consider in these preparations what additional workwear, PPE, workplace equipment and signage they will need for their team, planning ahead to make sure they aren’t hit with any supply issues that could impact operations at this crucial time.


As a single source supplier to the logistics industry, we encourage this planning ahead. You can never be too organised, particularly heading into the busiest period of the year.


Our top tips are:


Preparing for peak: Top tips

#1 Look back

Think back to previous peak periods. How could supply have been better? Did you run short of anything that your workers needed to service your customers? Was anything missing that would have helped boost productivity, ensure safety and improve wellbeing?


#2 Know your numbers

We know it can be difficult during peak, you may have temporary staff coming and going in addition to your regular employed team but try to get a clear picture of how many workers you have and will have at any one time. Without this, attempts to provide for your team’s workwear, safety gloves and safety footwear needs will just be guesswork.


#3 Look around

Now is the time to review your signage and first aid provision, to ensure everything is as it should be. The last thing you need when you’re at your busiest is an accident or injury. If you have more people on site, you may need to increase your first aid provision. You’ll also want to ensure your signage is clear and comprehensive so that your temporary workers and others new to your site can find everything they need and keep themselves and others around them safe in your workplace.


#4 Think ahead

What will your temporary staff need to get them up and running quickly? Now is the time to review your induction processes to ensure they are clear and easy to follow, and provide the necessary focus on safety. Preparing a pack for each worker containing a uniform, hi vis, safety footwear, safety gloves and a glove clip will help new starters to quickly settle into the team, preventing delays in them starting work.


#5 Brief your team

Make sure your team leaders are briefed on your plans to cover peak season, including planned increases in staffing, changes in customer requirements, and your expectations of your workers. Ensure your permanent employees are clear on your rules for agency staff, including what workwear they are assigned and what tasks they are able to perform in the workplace.


#6 Work closely with your supply partner

Keep close to your supply partner and ensure they are kept informed of changes to your requirements to cover peak season. Have initial conversations at the earliest opportunity, and fine-tune details as you go, rather than leaving everything to the last minute. A good supplier will ensure they have everything in stock in plenty of time, as well as a surplus of crucial items to cover any late additions or changes to your plans, but they can only be as prepared as you enable them to be.


At iSB Group, we can help you to plan for peak season, including what you’ll need to consider when taking on more staff. To ensure you’re ahead of the game this year, give us a call or send us a message.


By Nick Grinnell

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