How to keep warm in a warehouse

How to keep warm in a warehouse

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Working in a warehouse during winter can be tough on your workers, but there are steps you can take to keep them warm and comfortable at work, even in the coldest weather. Nick Grinnell gives us his tips for staying warm in the warehouse this winter…


How to keep warm in a warehouse

Working in a warehouse inevitably means being exposed to extremes of temperature – it’s hot in the summer and freezing in the winter.


While office workers might be closing doors and windows, putting on another jumper, or investing in portable heaters, staying warm in a warehouse during the cold weather is a little more involved – but it can be done.


Our tips for keeping warm are:


  • Layer up
  • Invest in thermals
  • Protect your extremities
  • Consider your footwear
  • Dress for your role
  • Shut doors!
  • Take regular breaks
  • Don’t overdo it.


Let’s look at those in more detail…


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #1 – Layer up

In the cold weather, it’s tempting to throw on a thick, bulky jacket, but a more efficient and effective way to keep warm is to layer up with several thin layers of clothing that can be added to or removed as necessary depending on how much body heat you’re generating at any one time by moving around. This is because air gets trapped between the layers of clothing, where it acts as an extra insulator, keeping body heat in. Add a thermal base layer underneath normal workwear, and top with a fleece or softshell jacket if needed.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #2 – Invest in thermals

Thermal underwear is a must for people working in most logistics roles during the winter months. Made from lightweight fabric that wicks away sweat, a thermal base layer helps with temperature regulation, keeping your employees at a comfortable temperature all day long.


Find out more about the benefits of thermal underwear in our blog on this topic.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #3 – Protect your extremities

Most body heat is lost through the extremities – so your head, feet and hands. To avoid this, invest in lightweight thermal gloves, thermal socks and a beanie hat, and take good care of them to make sure they stay dry.


Discover our range of thermal workwear.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #4 – Consider your footwear

Make sure your safety footwear is appropriate for the changing weather, and will keep you warm and dry as well as offer good slip resistance in wet and icy environments. Waterproof safety footwear is a must for those working outside, while choosing safety boots over safety trainers will offer a little more warmth as well as increased ankle protection.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #5 – Dress for your role

Wearing thermals and layering up is ideal for warehouse workers who are moving around all day, and for those whose job doesn’t allow them to wear anything too bulky that might restrict movement. In contrast, those working in open buildings or operating forklifts outside are likely to be more comfortable wearing cold store jackets and other workwear designed for those working in very low temperature environments.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #6 – Shut doors!

This isn’t always possible, but shutting doors helps to prevent heat from escaping and avoids unpleasant cold draughts.


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #7 – Take regular breaks

Try to space out your allocated breaks during the working day, and use the time to get somewhere warmer and have a hot drink. If your work tasks require you to stand still most of the day, can you find ways to step away for a minute to keep yourself moving and build up some body heat?


Keeping warm in the warehouse: tip #8 – Don’t overdo it

When you’re trying to get and stay warm, be careful not to go too far the other way and overheat. When it’s cold, it’s easy to overdress and then end up sweating as soon as you get moving. Instead, dress so you are slightly cold, so that you allow for your body to warm up as you start to work.

By Nick Grinnell

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