How To Create A Safe Workplace

How To Create A Safe Workplace

clock-circular-outline Posted 9 Oct 2017

In the UK alone, “30.4 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury, and the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions was £14.1 billion” according to the Health and Safety Executive.
– Health and Safety Executive

Fortunately, there are many ways to improve workplace safety at your company. Just a few easy steps could save your company thousands of pounds, improve employee morale, and help you recruit the best employees in your industry.

Follow these easy steps to improve safety in your work environment

Check your current safety equipment

If your safety equipment is in bad repair, just replacing a few worn items makes employees feel valued. Inspect all safety footwear, gloves, and protective clothing, since employees use these items daily. When managers notice when something is in poor repair and replace it, employees feel like their company truly cares about their well-being.

Stay up-to-date on training

It’s difficult for large corporations to keep track of every employee’s safety certifications, but training sessions really pay off. Few things are more damaging for employee morale than an employee who experiences a serious injury. Keep your employees safe by offering enough training sessions for everyone to attend, and you’ll prevent many accidents.

Ask for feedback

Provide an open environment where employees feel empowered to provide feedback on current safety protocols and equipment. Getting feedback from concerned employees helps large warehouses and distribution centres prevent problems before there’s an accident. By acting on an employee’s concern, you’ll demonstrate responsibility and create a safe environment where employees feel their questions actually create meaningful changes.

Reward safe practices and top-quality work

If you have a few employees who work safely and efficiently, recognise them! Even a note of thanks or a few minutes recognising these top performers at a group meeting improves morale and shows employees how much you value safe practices and productivity.

According to one OSHA survey, “The safety of the work environment was among the top criteria employees consider when evaluating a new job offer.”
– Employers® Insurance

Incorporate mentors in your training program

When new employees arrive, it’s great to pair them with your top performers. They’ll quickly learn correct safety protocols, bad habits from forming and it demonstrates to senior employees that you value their work enough to view them as a leader. You’ll see renewed ownership and dedication from your staff whilst easily and effectively training your new additions.

Talk to an expert

If you’re unsure about the latest safety standards or don’t know the best way to resolve a safety issue in your workplace, talk to an expert about your problem. iSB Group specialise in helping warehouses, distribution centres, and logistics managers find cost-effective safety solutions that perfectly meet your needs. Use our expertise to solve complicated safety problems and create a safe, welcoming environment for talented employees.

The America Society of Safety Engineers states, “Indirect costs of injuries may be 20 time the direct costs… including: training and compensation replacement workers, repairing damaged property, accident investigation and implementation of corrective action, scheduling delays and lost productivity, administrative expense, low employee morale and increased absenteeism, poor custom and community relations.”
-American Society of Safety Engineers

If you have questions about improving safety in your workplace, please contact us. Our experts work hard to find solutions that match the needs and budget of your business, creating a cost-effective, safe environment for your employees. Start keeping more of your profits by preventing accidents and creating a safe work place today.

By iSB Group

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