Are Your Brand Values Aligned? Here’s How To Make A Difference

Are Your Brand Values Aligned? Here’s How To Make A Difference

clock-circular-outline Posted 24 Feb 2017

A study by Cornell Hospitality Quarterly researched the effects that Corporate Wear has on employee attitudes towards their job, levels of satisfaction, and overall performance. Results showed that employees who enjoy wearing their Corporate Wear had both better attitudes and higher job satisfaction. This helps to promote a positive work environment and a successful company culture. Here we look at how the right clothing can improve well-being; promote company ethos and increase productivity.


3 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear is powerful, and its appearance can positively or negatively impact employees’ attitudes at work. It’s important to create Corporate Wear that is both comfortable and well designed. Give your staff the Corporate Wear they will be proud to wear.  It is also important to ensure that your new Corporate Wear effectively reflects your brand values. iSB Group can discuss creative ways to enhance your brand and make your staff instantly recognisable wherever they are.

These three points are key to getting your Corporate Wear right.


  1. Appearance

The appearance of your Corporate Wear will help create an immediate positive impression between employees and customers.

Colour: Many solid and two tone colour options are now available, consider your brand and ensure your Corporate Wear reflects it correctly.

Materials: The look and feel of fabric can make a huge difference. High-quality garments will mean employees take pride in their appearance, and will look more professional too.

Fit: Properly fitted Corporate Wear creates a clean-cut and respectable look. Often overlooked and incredibly undervalued.


  1. Function

If your Corporate Wear is functional it will be effective. Get feedback from employees to find out how it may perform better and improve their work experience. Consider pockets (size and position) as well as any additional strengthening to high wear areas.

Materials: Outside of using materials that follow industry regulations (Flame-retardant, chemical-resistant), your Corporate Wear should provide comfort and durability. There are many new material options available to achieve higher comfort levels in even the most demanding of roles.

Durability: Garments need to be strong enough to withstand the rigors of the job, as well as the many wash cycles required to keep it looking clean and great.


  1. Character

Attributes, like style and integrity, are passed down to the wearer. You’ll want your Corporate Wear to relate to your brand in a way that instils company brand values in the person wearing the it.

Integrity: Your Corporate Wear allows employees to look and play a role, so make sure its style portrays the personality you want your employees to show.

While you want your employees to stand out, the style of your Corporate Wear shouldn’t be distracting to customers or make employees feel socially uncomfortable. Instead it should enhance and re-enforce your brand image.

As previously mentioned, include employees in the decision-making process – this will encourage employee engagement, team ethos and a driven workforce. All considered, the right Corporate Wear can directly improve your company’s culture.

By iSB Group

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