A safer cutting experience: safety knives for the workplace

A safer cutting experience: safety knives for the workplace

clock-circular-outline Posted 5 Oct 2018

At iSB Group, we focus on Raising the bar of corporate well-being within the workplace. This is why it made so much sense to become the UK’s preferred distributor for Slice®. Slice is an innovator of safety knives that provide a safer cutting experience.


The company has revolutionised the safety blade market by re-examining cutting tool design, resulting in a blade that offers premium performance while eliminating accidental workplace injuries.

How are Slice® products different from other safety knives?

Traditionally, ensuring worker safety while using knives has meant improved education about safe cutting techniques, encouraging the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and investing in cutting tools with retractable blades.

While Slice® tools have ergonomically designed handles to reduce the risk of fatigue and repetitive strain injury, the company’s success is largely due to its focus on blade design. Thanks to their increased thickness, reduced cutting zone and wider cut entrance angle, the advanced ceramic blades are safe to the touch. Made from 100% zirconium oxide, they also last up to 11-times longer than steel, don’t rust, are chemically-inert and can have rounded tips, meaning they don’t need to be disposed of in a sharps box. What’s more, they are non-magnetic, non-contaminating, non-conductive and non-sparking, making them safe for use across a wide range of industries.


So Slice® knives are safe – but do they do the job too?

The simple answer is: yes. Here we look at the real-world performance and safety impact of some of the company’s most popular workplace cutters.


Utility knives

Slice® utility knives are the tool of choice for cutting materials that are thicker than double-walled corrugate. With greater blade exposure than other cutters, these knives can be used for a variety of purposes, including slicing open clamshell packaging and boxes, and cutting through tough rubberised modular flooring.

Slice® sells three different handle models offering different levels of safety depending on what the knife will be used for and how often it will be used: manual retraction, auto-retraction and smart retracting.

This video shows the Slice® smart retracting utility knife in action, cutting through pallet wrap and binding:



Customers say:

“This utility knife works better than expected. It cuts well while remaining safe for the employees.”

“It cuts everything great but is safe on skin… I also like the auto-retracting feature.”

“Perfect for safety and quality.”

“I expect our minor injuries to go down dramatically.”

Box cutters

Slice® box cutters are a necessary tool for any workplace in which staff members need to open boxes. Their shorter blade exposure reduces the risk of injury to the user or damage to the contents of the box. Meanwhile, their unique J-hook design provides a natural grip angle and easy cutting movement.

The handle wraps over the user’s hand, providing protection from hazards like protruding staples, and allowing the cutter to be easily carried.

Slice® offers both manual retraction and auto-retraction versions of its box cutters, each suitable for different applications.

This video shows the Slice® box cutter in action. See how the innovative design of this safety tool allows for a natural cutting motion.



Many corporate clients have reported considerable success in improving workplace safety after switching to Slice® box cutters. Workers at NBCUniversal’s Universal City were able to eliminate hand injuries while still fulfilling all their box and package-cutting needs. Meanwhile, one of Flowserve’s facilities which uses both types of Slice® box cutters, were able to go more than one million hours without a time-loss injury.

Customers say:

“Easy to use, and difficult to injure yourself. Awesome product.”

“Impossible to cut yourself… fantastic ergonomics.”

“Handy and very safe. [I] like the curve shape to help hook on your pocket for quick access when cutting a lot of boxes.”

Pen cutters

Slice® pen cutters are types of utility knife that are more manoeuvrable thanks to their smaller, pen-shaped design, making them perfect for cutting in spaces larger tools can’t reach. Featuring the same blade as in the Slice® box cutter, the pen cutter is capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, as well as easy-to-use, safe and incredibly portable.

Slice® pen cutters come with either manual retraction or auto-retraction features. The best choice of retraction method depends on what the cutter will be used for, and how often it is to be used.

This video shows employees at Shelves.com using the Slice® manual pen cutter to easily and safely remove flash from the plastic bins the company manufactures.




Corporate clients like International Paper, NBCUniversal, Gillette and IPG have reported considerable success in improving workplace safety after switching to Slice® auto-retractable pen cutters. Workers at Gillette’s plant in Lodz, Poland, eliminated lacerations by switching to Slice® tools. Meanwhile, IPG, in Danville, Virginia, logged its best safety record in three decades.

Customers say:

“By far the best knife I’ve ever used. Stays sharp for a very long time.”

“My favourite tool. I use it all of the time to cut boxes for work. I travel a lot… I love this cutter.”


The Slice® safety scalpel is a relatively new addition to the company’s range. Ideal for precise, intricate, non-surgical work, this tool is perfect for use in research and development laboratories and in manufacturing, as well as for any other application that requires fine detail.

Slice® offers a replaceable blade model with a choice of blade style, which can be sterilised in an autoclave. The company also manufactures a disposable model that is ideal for single-use environments and comes with a blade with rounded tips, allowing it to be disposed of without the need for a sharps box. Both feature a thin handle for easy access into tight spaces, and come with a safety cap to cover the blade when the tool is not in use.

This video highlights the features of the Slice® 10568 scalpel with replaceable blade.



For more information on the range of Slice® tools we offer, and their safety credentials, call us on +44 (0) 121 749 4433 or email sales@isb-group.com

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