7 benefits of a complete workwear and PPE solution
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7 benefits of a complete workwear and PPE solution

clock-circular-outline Posted 16 Mar 2023

Providing your employees with all the workwear and PPE they need to be comfortable, stay safe and represent your brand well to customers can be quite the task. Depending on how many people you have on your payroll, it might cause you more than a few headaches.

Choosing to partner with a single supplier who you trust to deliver on all your company’s workwear and PPE needs could be the solution. In this blog, we look at the benefits of entrusting your entire workwear and PPE supply to a one-stop-shop supplier like iSB Group.

The benefits of a complete workwear and PPE package

The benefits of choosing to work with a single supply partner who can provide all the workwear and PPE you need are numerous. Some of the biggest ones are:

  • A rationalised product catalogue
  • Brand consistency
  • Reliability of supply
  • Less administration
  • Faster supply
  • Cost savings
  • Leveraging expertise

#1 A rationalised product catalogue
A good workwear and PPE provider will be able to recommend a range of products to keep your teams safe and comfortable at work, including safety trainers, safety gloves and branded workwear. Curating these items into an approved range of products not only gives you full visibility over what products your teams are purchasing but also reduces rogue spend and ensures compliance. Many single source suppliers also have some kind of online ordering platform which can be used as a real-time product catalogue, further streamlining the process.

Find out more about our powerful online ordering platform, Control-iT.

#2 Brand consistency
Rationalising your workwear and PPE supply and using a single supplier for everything allows for much greater control over brand consistency. You can ensure that quality is maintained and your brand identity appropriately represented at all times. For instance, a responsible supply partner will take care that the colours used in your workwear match when applied across different garments, so your trousers don’t end up looking washed out next to your polo shirts, for example. At iSB Group, for instance, we ensure that – as far as possible – a client’s workwear is all sourced from the same manufacturer, and that they work to the same colour pantones across all the different materials they use.

#3 Reliability of supply
Working with a single supplier to which you entrust all your workwear and PPE needs can help to ensure you’re never left short of any workwear or PPE your business needs. A good supplier will work with you to anticipate your demand for products based on previous spend and maintain stock levels accordingly.

#4 Less administration
It goes without saying that working with a single supplier means a more straightforward procurement process, which reduces administration and paperwork. A good supplier will set you up with an account manager who will be your dedicated point of contact for day-to-day queries and to resolve any issues. A single supplier also means a single invoice, which makes life easier for your accounts department.

#5 Faster supply
Reduced administration and the ability to forecast spend and maintain stock levels to match enables your teams to receive the workwear and PPE they need much faster than ordering from multiple suppliers. At iSB Group, for example, we offer next day delivery on items held in stock. This includes single items of workwear branded with a company logo.

#6 Cost savings
Choosing to work with a single workwear and PPE supplier can be cheaper, as the established relationship may allow you to benefit from discounted rates, and will also reduce your carriage costs (as well as the associated environmental impact of receiving multiple deliveries from a large number of suppliers).

#7 Leveraging expertise
The PPE sector is always innovating, with manufacturers continually launching new and better products. Establishing a trusted relationship with a reputable supplier allows you to leverage their connections with manufacturers so you stay in step with the latest developments. What’s more, you will benefit from their expert advice when it comes to overcoming specific safety or comfort challenges, designing out flaws in existing kit, or creating bespoke solutions for your workplace.

Working with a single workwear and PPE supplier enables organisations to establish a genuine partnership based on mutual respect, trust, consistency and transparency. Find out more about the benefits of using a single source supplier.

By Nick Grinnell

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