5 Tips To Protect Your Hands This Winter

5 Tips To Protect Your Hands This Winter

clock-circular-outline Posted 2 Dec 2016

Choose Appropriate PPE

It’s imperative to protect your hands in all environments. Exposure to cold or freezing conditions can slow work rate, cause discomfort and in worse conditions create health problems over a longer period. Protect your workforce by equipping them with the workwear and protective PPE suitable for the task in hand. Gloves can include protective lining, designed to help withstand elements such as wind and water too.

Get The Right Fit

Obvious right? Having gloves which fit correctly are both safer and more comfortable for your staff. Order a range of sizes to ensure all employees have the protection they need to cover their hands comfortably.

Raise Awareness

It’s important to train employees to be aware of symptoms of cold stress. Frostbite may sound extreme to some, but is actually a very real and serious consideration; any suspected signs should be reported early. Frostbite commonly causes a tingling sensation or numb feeling caused by reduced blood flow to the hands. Understanding these symptoms can ensure workers take timely breaks from the cold environment to avoid such eventualities.

Be Prepared

Medical equipment should be on hand, including supplies such as blankets and warm liquids to improve a worker’s body temperature if exposed to long periods of extreme cold. Staff should also be supervised with regular breaks and have access to appropriate equipment and workwear. A safe workforce is a happy one.

Choosing Your Tools

Closely knit with your choice of hand protection are the tools you use to work with. Safety is paramount and due care must be taken to ensure adequate grip and dexterity for the job in hand to keep everyone free from injury.

Our choice of cold protection gloves not only conform to latest safety standards, but are also comfortable, durable and protect against cold and extreme low temperatures.

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